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C-52 – Amending the Canadian Transportation Act

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, I rise today to speak in support of Bill C-52, the fair rail freight service act, which proposes amendments to the Canada Transportation Act concerning rail freight service. I will first begin with some background. Bill C-52 emerged from the Rail Freight Service Review, which our Conservative government launched in 2008 to conduct […]

Canadian Nurses Foundation

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, on Thursday, May 2, I was honoured to be a guest at the 2013 Nightingale Gala held by the Canadian Nurses Foundation, the CNF, at the Ottawa Convention Centre. In terms of galas, this third annual event truly qualified. From the 500-plus distinguished patrons and guests to the beautifully decorated room and the […]

Parliamentary Reform

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, before we take leave of this place for the Christmas break, I wish to speak briefly on an issue that is of great importance to me, that being the irresistible cause of Senate reform. A clear majority of Canadians, when asked if they want to elect future senators, has always said “yes.” Most […]

Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, I rise today to report that on September 17 it was my great pleasure to join with Alberta Lieutenant Governor Donald Ethell at Government House in Edmonton to present Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals to 30 exceptional Canadians. It was a beautiful fall day, made all the more so by the Lieutenant […]

Tribute to the late Honourable Peter Lougheed

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, I rise today to pay tribute to a great Albertan and a great Canadian: the Honourable Peter Lougheed, a former Alberta premier. The outpouring of sadness, affection and admiration we have witnessed in Alberta and across Canada since his passing earlier this month is a testament to the extraordinary accomplishments and exemplary character […]

Accidents caused by the use of mobile device headphones

by Senator Betty Unger

Honourable senators, I rise to draw your attention to a disturbing trend among young people today across North America. More and more young pedestrians, wearing headphones attached to the newest mobile devices, are becoming victims in serious train and motor vehicle accidents. Because of the rising popularity of mobile devices using headphones, the statistics are […]