Hon. Betty E. Unger is an Alberta Senator, elected by Albertans
and appointed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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REALITY CHECK: Will legalizing marijuana make the black market go away?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that legalizing marijuana will shut down the black market and remove the criminal element. There’s only one problem — the police disagree, the experts disagree and the experience disagrees. RCMP: Legalizing marijuana won’t shut down black market “There are a number of issues that will need to be addressed to […]

Legalized Marijuana: Challenges facing the state of Colorado

The following 19-minute documentary takes a look at some of the challenges facing the state of Colorado subsequent to the legalization of marijuana. I encourage you to find time to watch it, as we would do well to consider the experience of those who have traveled down this road already. From the video: “The crime […]

Senator Unger calls on public for Canada 150 nominations

Cochrane Times | July 25, 2017 As part of the sesquicentennial, the Senate of Canada is issuing commemorative medals to over 1,200 Canadians who have made outstanding contributions to their home town, province and the country as a whole. “It’s a medal with which we would like to honour people we have never honoured before,” […]

Senate of Canada 150 Medal Nominations

Senate of Canada 150 Medal Recommendation for Nomination Senator Betty Unger is welcoming recommendations of outstanding Albertans to receive the Senate of Canada 150 medal. The medal celebrates the sesquicentennial anniversary of the first sitting of the Senate on November 6, 1867. The medal was created to mark this important occasion and to give an […]