Hon. Betty E. Unger is an Alberta Senator, elected by Albertans
and appointed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Recent Articles

Senate of Canada 150 Medal Nominations

Senate of Canada 150 Medal Recommendation for Nomination Senator Betty Unger is welcoming recommendations of outstanding Albertans to receive the Senate of Canada 150 medal. The medal celebrates the sesquicentennial anniversary of the first sitting of the Senate on November 6, 1867. The medal was created to mark this important occasion and to give an […]

Bill C-51: Religious Freedom at Risk in Canada?

Dear Friends: I wanted share with you my concern over a Bill that the Government of Canada has recently introduced into the House of Commons, Bill C-51. One of the purposes of this Bill is to streamline the Criminal Code of Canada by removing certain provisions that no longer have any relevance in contemporary society. […]

Illegal Pronouns: Letter to the Editor of the National Post

Re: Bill C-16: Human rights have become a zero- sum game, Bruce Pardy, June 19 Bruce Pardy does an excellent job of outlining the very real concern that Bill C-16 will compel speech. We can now only hope the courts will acknowledge that gender rights are belief-based and treat them accordingly. Gender is not like […]

Government doublespeak on closure of Vegreville Case Processing Centre continues

Vegreville Case Processing Centre Hon. Betty Unger:  Honourable senators, my question is for Senator Harder.  It’s a follow up on the Vegreville questions.  It’s difficult to find anyone outside of Liberal government who agrees with the decision to clinical trials the Vegreville case processing centre.  In fact, the list of communities, councillors, associations and parliamentarians […]