Hon. Betty E. Unger is an Alberta Senator, elected by Albertans
and appointed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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Ten Reasons You Should Support Pipelines

Canada is in the midst of a national discussion about crude oil pipeline projects. Here are ten reasons why you should support pipelines: 1. To protect the environment Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than transporting oil by other methods. Insufficient pipeline capacity has contributed to a surge in moving oil by rail car. […]


15 Overlooked Facts About Energy East | BOE Report 

TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project would deliver oil from Western Canada and North Western United States to Eastern Canada. The length would be 4,600 km’s with approximately 70 percent consisting of pre-existing pipeline that would be converted from natural gas to crude oil. The project would have a total capacity of 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day.The […]


Top Ten Myths about Marijuana Usage and Legalization

The facts on marijuana might surprise you. Check out the top ten myths about marijuana usage and legalization: MYTH #1: Smoking marijuana does not cause cancer FACT: Smoking marijuana significantly increases your risk of lung cancer. In a 40-year retrospective cohort study of 50,000 Swedish male conscripts, regular cannabis smoking was associated with a 2-fold risk […]


QUIZ: The Facts on Marijuana — Test your knowledge!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans on legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Canada. But is this the right direction for Canada? Are we well-informed on the issue, or are we being misled? Take the following quiz on marijuana and then decide for your self. The Facts on Marijuana Is marijuana harmful? Should it be legalized? […]


What do the experts say about marijuana?

Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government have indicated that they intend to legalize marijuana usage. Canadians need to take a hard look at the facts and carefully consider whether this is the right direction to go.  The evidence indicates there are many reasons to be concerned about taking this road. Click on the titles […]