Palliative Care

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Speech on Bill C-14: Medical Assistance in Dying

by Senator Betty Unger

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak to a bill which I never anticipated would be presented to this chamber. Bill C 14 facing us now is deceptively called medical assistance in dying, yet it has nothing to do with medical assistance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Medical assistance is what palliative care […]

The other side of the story

by Dr. Neil Hilliard

By Neil Hilliard, MD MCFP (PC) May 20, 2016 “A survey of palliative care consultants in Fraser Health April 2015 revealed that only 1 of 21 thought MAID should be provided in hospices, and only 2 of 21 on palliative care complex care units. Even for the 24% who agreed that in some circumstances MAID […]