Transgender Rights

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Illegal Pronouns: Letter to the Editor of the National Post

by Senator Betty Unger

Re: Bill C-16: Human rights have become a zero- sum game, Bruce Pardy, June 19 Bruce Pardy does an excellent job of outlining the very real concern that Bill C-16 will compel speech. We can now only hope the courts will acknowledge that gender rights are belief-based and treat them accordingly. Gender is not like […]

Committee rejects reasonable amendment to proposed transgender law

by Senator Betty Unger

Today I proposed an amendment to Bill C-16. It was a moderate amendment, designed to address some of the concerns around transgender rights, yet without compromising those rights. The basis of the amendment was simple: Bill C-16 must not disconnect gender expression from gender identity because to do so means that people who don’t even believe they […]

Senator Unger: Senate must address concerns over transgender rights

by Senator Betty Unger

It is very likely that even without an amendment to Bill C-16, the courts will understand gender rights to be belief-based and interpret those rights accordingly. But Parliament needs to make this explicit. The Hill Times May 1, 2017 PARLIAMENT HILL – When the Senate returns from its Easter break, the Senate’s Standing Committee on […]

Concerns over transgender rights must be addressed and corrected

by Senator Betty Unger

SUMMARY: The ongoing debate about gender identity rights has given voice to numerous concerns and anxieties. While no one wants to deny legitimate human rights to trans persons, there are very real questions about the implications of separating sex from gender and enshrining this in law. The two primary concerns center around safety and privacy in […]