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Marijuana hurts kids, and C-45 is a toxic bill, says Sen. Unger

by Senator Betty Unger

Re: “Sen. Unger relies on incomplete representation to argue her case against marijuana legalization,” (The Hill Times, Jan. 8, p. 8), “Sen. Unger’s got it wrong on marijuana legalization,” (The Hill Times, Jan. 24, p. 8). The Trudeau government has tabled Bill C-45, which, if passed, will legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana and—incredibly—make […]

Marijuana addiction is real, and teenage users are most at risk

by Senator Betty Unger

In the rush to legalize marijuana in Canada, medical experts are warning about weed’s alarming side, particularly for younger users MACLEANS | Joe Castaldo | January 15, 2018 Sean Savoie first smoked marijuana around the age of 14 when, behind a gas station, a friend handed him a pop can fashioned into a bong. He […]

Driving High: Is the test for weed reliable?

by Senator Betty Unger

CBC | Fifth Estate As Canada prepares for legal pot, the federal government plans to spend as much as $80-million to train 750 police officers to smoke out high drivers. But how sound is the test? A Fifth Estate investigation raises serious questions, showing it can lead to false arrests, is prone to police bias […]

What Canada’s plan for regulating legal marijuana gets wrong

by Senator Betty Unger

Opinion: Canada’s marijuana plan borrows from its approach to alcohol, rather than tobacco—and that could create a commercialized, predatory industry MACLEANS | Daniel Myran and Ryan Forrest | January 24, 2018 Daniel Myran is a family physician based in Ottawa who is currently completing a Master’s of Public Health at Harvard University, where his research focus […]

Marijuana legalization: What can be done?

by Senator Betty Unger

Many Canadians are very concerned about the federal government’s decision to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes (medical marijuana is already legal in Canada, and will not be impacted by this Bill). Bill C-45 has been passed by the House of Commons and is now in the Senate for consideration. It is not too late to make […]

The sad anniversary of big commercial pot in Colorado

by Senator Betty Unger

Reprinted from the Colorado Springs Gazette Opinion | November 9, 2017 This week marks the fifth anniversary of Colorado’s decision to sanction the world’s first anything-goes commercial pot trade. Five years later, we remain an embarrassing cautionary tale. Visitors to Colorado remark about a new agricultural smell, the wafting odor of pot as they drive […]

Marijuana Use: Detrimental to Youth – American College of Pediatricians

by Senator Betty Unger

Marijuana Use: Detrimental to Youth American College of Pediatricians – April 2017 ABSTRACT: Although increasing legalization of marijuana has contributed to the growing belief that marijuana is harmless, research documents the risks of its use by youth are grave. Marijuana is addicting, has adverse effects upon the adolescent brain, is a risk for both cardio-respiratory disease […]

Colorado politicians ignore major pot problems

by Senator Betty Unger

Reprinted from the Colorado Springs Gazette Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Cory Gardner don’t seem to care much about the toll recreational marijuana imposes on Colorado. Each reacted with righteous indignation to the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the Obama administration’s lax pot policies. “It’s not a black market anymore. It’s not a criminal activity, […]

New Study: Legalization of marijuana results in increased use

by Senator Betty Unger

NEW STATE DATA: Legalization States Show Higher Marijuana Use Versus U.S. As A Whole New Federal Data Show Legalized States Marijuana Use At Alarming Rates; Colorado Now Top State in US for First-Time Marijuana Users Other legal states also show alarming increases in use By Luke Niforatos | December 12, 2017 | SAM’s News The average rate of regular […]

Trudeau is being reckless with marijuana legalization

by Senator Betty Unger

Why is the federal government in such a hurry to pass its marijuana legalization legislation when there are still so many questions and so few answers? Just this week, the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police said that the legislation is coming too fast, stating that, “There is insufficient time to prepare the necessary legislative […]

REALITY CHECK: Will legalizing marijuana reduce youth consumption?

by Senator Betty Unger

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that legalization will keep marijuana out of the hands of youth.  He’s wrong. Consider the following: In 2012, Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This halted a four-year trend of declining marijuana use amongst youth. Colorado now leads the nation for marijuana usage amongst 12 – 17 year olds. […]

REALITY CHECK: Will legalizing marijuana make the black market go away?

by Senator Betty Unger

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that legalizing marijuana will shut down the black market and remove the criminal element. There’s only one problem — the police disagree, the experts disagree and the experience disagrees. RCMP: Legalizing marijuana won’t shut down black market “There are a number of issues that will need to be addressed to […]

Legalized Marijuana: Challenges facing the state of Colorado

by Senator Betty Unger

The following 19-minute documentary takes a look at some of the challenges facing the state of Colorado subsequent to the legalization of marijuana. I encourage you to find time to watch it, as we would do well to consider the experience of those who have traveled down this road already. From the video: “The crime […]

Quebecers break ranks with Canada, and oppose legal weed: poll

by Senator Betty Unger

Montreal Gazette The federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana has split the country, with most Quebecers opposed to the idea, a new survey suggests. The CROP survey, conducted for Radio-Canada May 11-23, suggests that 54 per cent of the 2,536 respondents across Canada are in favour of legalizing marijuana. But in Quebec, 54 per cent […]

Editorial: Cannabis legislation fails to protect Canada’s youth

by Dr. Diane Kelsall, MD MEd

Reprinted with permission from the Canadian Medical Association Journal With tabling of Bill C-45, the federal government has moved one step closer to fulfilling its election promise to legalize the use of cannabis in Canada, despite concerns over the many health risks associated with its use. The purported purpose of the act is to protect […]