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When will Trudeau do something?!! Kinder Morgan countdown.

by Senator Betty Unger

Countdown to Kinder Morgan deadline When will Justin Trudeau do something?!! Kinder Morgan halts non-essential work on Trans Mountain pipeline and sets drop-dead deadline VANCOUVER SUN | Stephanie Ip and Patrick Johnson Kinder Morgan pointed to the “uncertainty” created by the opposition of the B.C. government as the reason for the sudden announcement and said it will […]

Fraser Institute: Investors are turning their backs on Canada.

by Senator Betty Unger

On April 18, a number of witnesses appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce to report on the recent tax changes in the U.S. and the implications for Canada. Following is the testimony of Charles Lammam, Director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute.  Charles Lammam, Director, Fiscal Studies, Fraser Institute:  Thank you […]

Corporate welfare won’t resolve the Kinder Morgan dispute

by Mark Milke

Mark Milke Special to the Globe and Mail Mark Milke is the author of multiple studies on the economics of subsidies to business. One of the great myths circulated by the anti-energy crowd in Canada is that the energy sector is heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Instead, as I found in my 2017 study for the […]

Senator Unger to Trudeau: Get home and take action on Trans Mountain!

by Senator Betty Unger

News Release For immediate release Ottawa, February 22, 2018 – Senator Betty Unger is calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for showing no leadership on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. “The Prime Minister is missing in action at an extremely critical time,” Senator Unger said. “It’s been over 3 weeks since BC announced its intention […]

Questions but no answers from the government on Energy East

by Senator Betty Unger

Today I asked the Leader of the Government in the Senate two specific questions about the cancellation of the Energy East project, on behalf of Albertans and all Canadians. Unfortunately, I received no real answers.  Hon. Betty Unger: My question for the Leader of the Government in the Senate also concerns today’s cancellation of the […]

The environmental benefits of carbon fuels: A professor speaks out

by Professor Pierre Desrochers

Following is the February 1, 2017 presentation by Professor Pierre Desrochers (University of Toronto) to the Standing Senate Committee on Transportation and Communications regarding the Committee’s study to develop of a strategy to facilitate the transport of crude oil to eastern Canadian refineries and to ports on the East and West coasts of Canada. Watch […]

Ontario Senator Bob Runciman reseponds to pipeline opponents

by Senator Betty Unger

At a recent meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, the Committee heard from a number of witnesses who were opposed to all pipeline development and want oil to stay in the ground. Responding to the witnesses’ comments, Ontario Senator Bob Runciman noted that their position “encourages a lot of anger in Western Canada and in […]

Ten Reasons You Should Support Pipelines

by Senator Betty Unger

Canada is in the midst of a national discussion about crude oil pipeline projects. Here are ten reasons why you should support pipelines: 1. To protect the environment Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than transporting oil by other methods. Insufficient pipeline capacity has contributed to a surge in moving oil by rail car. […]

15 Overlooked Facts About Energy East | BOE Report 

by Cody Battershill

TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project would deliver oil from Western Canada and North Western United States to Eastern Canada. The length would be 4,600 km’s with approximately 70 percent consisting of pre-existing pipeline that would be converted from natural gas to crude oil. The project would have a total capacity of 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day.The […]

Energy East Pipeline

by Senator Percy Mockler

Opinion Editorial Canadians – and New Brunswickers in particular – face a paradox. We have oil in Canada that is landlocked and inaccessible to tidewater. But at the same time, Saudi Arabia sends almost 85,000 barrels of oil to New Brunswick to be refined, every day! As has been stated before, Energy East has the […]