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Ottawa, February 22, 2018 – Senator Betty Unger is calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for showing no leadership on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

“The Prime Minister is missing in action at an extremely critical time,” Senator Unger said. “It’s been over 3 weeks since BC announced its intention to illegally block the pipeline, and the PM has taken no action! He should be at home clearing the way for work to begin on the pipeline.”

“I have been following this situation very closely with a feeling of dread. If this Trudeau Prime Minister doesn’t take action immediately, Albertans and Canadians will again pay a huge price with thousands of jobs and billions of dollars lost,” Unger said. “It’s time for Trudeau to get home and get to work.”

Senator Unger said Trudeau needs to use the power granted to the federal government under the Constitution Act and declare that the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project is in the national interest of Canada.

“The NEB conducted exhaustive hearings on the pipeline expansion and approved the project almost two years ago. The federal government then undertook additional hearings and, at last, on November 29, 2016, declared it was satisfied with the consultation process. It’s long overdue for the rhetoric to end and the work to begin.”

Senator Unger is asking all concerned Canadians to contact Prime Minister Trudeau by email at and insist that he take immediate action now to get shovels in the ground and work underway.

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For more information:
613-996-7420 – Craig Docksteader, Parliamentary Affairs Advisor to Senator Betty Unger