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Marijuana hurts kids, and C-45 is a toxic bill, says Sen. Unger

by Senator Betty Unger

Re: “Sen. Unger relies on incomplete representation to argue her case against marijuana legalization,” (The Hill Times, Jan. 8, p. 8), “Sen. Unger’s got it wrong on marijuana legalization,” (The Hill Times, Jan. 24, p. 8). The Trudeau government has tabled Bill C-45, which, if passed, will legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana and—incredibly—make […]

Senate proposal would force companies to set diversity targets for boards of directors

by Senator Betty Unger

Only 14 per cent of board seats are occupied by women, according to securities regulator By John Paul Tasker, CBC News Posted: Jan 31, 2018 In an effort to bolster the number of women, Indigenous people and racial minorities sitting on corporate boards, a group of senators is poised to amend government legislation that would force companies to set internal diversity […]

Canada passes bill to make national anthem lyrics gender neutral

by Senator Betty Unger

By Chantal Da Silva on 2/1/18  |  NEWSWEEK Canadian lawmakers have passed a bill to make the country’s national anthem gender neutral. Instead of “In all thy sons command,” the anthem’s lyrics will soon be rewritten to read: “In all of us command.” Senators voted overwhelmingly in favour of changing the lyrics of “O Canada” to […]

Senator Unger Calls on Senator Harder to Defend Vegreville

by Country 106.5 Vegreville

Country 106.5 FM in Vegreville Vegreville’s fight to keep the doors of the C.P.C. open was brought forward on a new stage late last week The on-going fight to keep the Case Processing Center in Vegreville open was in the forefront in Ottawa late last week. During Question Period in the Senate on both Wednesday […]

Poll finds assisted-dying limits wanted

by Daniel LeBlanc

Globe and Mail | April 7, 2016 Canadians feel minors and those suffering from mental-health conditions should be exempt from coming legislation A majority of Canadians do not want minors or people with mental illnesses and psychiatric conditions to be given access to doctor-assisted dying, a new Nanos Research/Globe and Mail poll has found. The […]

Majority rejects assisted suicide for mentally ill, poll finds

by Sharon Kirkey

National Post | April 1, 2016 An overwhelming majority of Canadians believes psychological suffering on its own should never be grounds for granting a doctor-assisted death. While Canadians seem particularly appalled by the idea of allowing assisted suicide for “mature minors” with psychological suffering, a majority supports lethal prescriptions for terminally ill children and youth, […]

Trudeau continues to defend EI changes that left out Edmonton and area

by Mariam Ibrahim

Edmonton Sun Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sticking by his government’s decision not to grant extended employment insurance benefits to the Edmonton region and says he’s confident the economy will improve. Trudeau is in Alberta this week to promote his Liberal government’s first budget, released last week. It includes extended EI benefits for people in […]

Should right-to-die law apply to mentally ill people?

by Margaret Wente

By Margaret Wente | Globe and Mail Most Canadians know that the right to die will soon be the law of the land. Most Canadians enthusiastically approve. But how many know that right may well extend to the mentally ill – people whose sufferings are psychological? The answer is, very few. Almost no one seems […]

Assisted Suicide Study Questions Its Use for Mentally Ill

by Benedict Carey

By Benedict Carey | New York Times A new study of doctor-assisted death for people with mental disorders raises questions about the practice, finding that in more than half of approved cases, people declined treatment that could have helped, and that many cited loneliness as an important reason for wanting to die. The study, of […]