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Vegreville’s fight to keep the doors of the C.P.C. open was brought forward on a new stage late last week

The on-going fight to keep the Case Processing Center in Vegreville open was in the forefront in Ottawa late last week.

During Question Period in the Senate on both Wednesday and Thursday, Alberta Senator Betty Unger urged the Liberal Government’s Representative, Senator Peter Harder, to ask the government to revisit its decision to close the C.P.C. in Vegreville.

In an interview with Country 106, Unger said that after posing a line of questions regarding the issue on back-to-back days, Senator Harder eventually acknowledged that he would indeed ask the Liberals if they’d be willing to re-launch their examination of the C.P.C. in Vegreville in order to “properly consult with the people of Vegreville to get their facts straight”.

Unger says she felt compelled to force the issue in the Senate after hearing about the Vegreville’s fight to reverse the decision from Lakeland M.P. Shannon Stubbs.

According to Unger, Senator Harder should be well aware of how important the C.P.C. is to Vegreville and surrounding area.

Unger says while she’s under no illusion that the Liberal Government will rush to reverse the decision, she hopes her questioning will help in forcing the Government to account for their decision