Canada is in the midst of a national discussion about crude oil pipeline projects. Here are ten reasons why you should support pipelines:

1. To protect the environment

  • Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than transporting oil by other methods. Insufficient pipeline capacity has contributed to a surge in moving oil by rail car.

2. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Transporting oil by pipeline generates less greenhouse gas emissions than transporting by other methods. Although pipelines don’t eliminate the need for other modes of transportation, they do help moderate their use, thus minimizing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

3. To create thousands of jobs for Canadians

  • Pipelines provide thousands of jobs for Canadians in the construction stage and long term jobs in the operational stage.

4. To generate billions in economic benefits

  • The economic benefits of pipeline development and operation are significant, with billions flowing to communities, families, First Nations, and small businesses across Canada.

5. To provide billions of dollars to local, provincial and federal treasuries

  • Pipeline projects provide billions of dollars to local, provincial and federal coffers over the life of a project. This pays for schools, hospitals, doctors, roads, and much more.

6. To eliminate oil imports from countries like Saudi Arabia

  • In order to meet supply requirements of east coast refineries, Canada currently imports oil from countries with dismal human rights records such as Saudi Arabia. Sufficient pipeline capacity in Canada would mean we no longer have to buy oil from such countries.

7. To ensure energy security for Canada

  • Sufficient access to energy resources is an important component of national security. Pipeline development decreases our need for oil imports, contributing to energy security in Canada.

8. To ensure access to a fair market price for our oil

  • Canada currently sells its oil at a discounted price because we do not have the pipeline capacity needed to transport it to the coast. New pipelines allow us to access new, higher-value markets.

9. To stimulate economic growth without government debt

  • Pipelines generate significant economic benefits without requiring government money; but they do require government approval. Once approved, pipeline projects are privately funded, taking people off Employment Insurance and providing significant tax revenue.

10. To facilitate renewable energy research and development

  • Pipelines help ensure a strong economy which enables ongoing investments into renewable energy research and development.

PDF: Ten Reasons You Should Support Pipelines