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The environmental benefits of carbon fuels: A professor speaks out

by Professor Pierre Desrochers

Following is the February 1, 2017 presentation by Professor Pierre Desrochers (University of Toronto) to the Standing Senate Committee on Transportation and Communications regarding the Committee’s study to develop of a strategy to facilitate the transport of crude oil to eastern Canadian refineries and to ports on the East and West coasts of Canada. Watch […]

Ten Reasons You Should Support Pipelines

by Senator Betty Unger

Canada is in the midst of a national discussion about crude oil pipeline projects. Here are ten reasons why you should support pipelines: 1. To protect the environment Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than transporting oil by other methods. Insufficient pipeline capacity has contributed to a surge in moving oil by rail car. […]

Energy East Pipeline

by Senator Percy Mockler

Opinion Editorial Canadians – and New Brunswickers in particular – face a paradox. We have oil in Canada that is landlocked and inaccessible to tidewater. But at the same time, Saudi Arabia sends almost 85,000 barrels of oil to New Brunswick to be refined, every day! As has been stated before, Energy East has the […]