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Treatment by MPs at M-103 committee hearing nothing short of lousy

by Tarek Fatah

Toronto Sun – Postmedia Network Leading up to my testimony at the House of Commons Heritage Committee last week, I had expected MPs to have some degree of interest in what a Muslim had to say about M-103 and the loaded word “Islamophobia”. Instead, I felt a tangible hostility from the phalanx of Liberal MPs, […]

REALITY CHECK: Will legalizing marijuana reduce youth consumption?

by Senator Betty Unger

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that legalization will keep marijuana out of the hands of youth.  He’s wrong. Consider the following: In 2012, Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This halted a four-year trend of declining marijuana use amongst youth. Colorado now leads the nation for marijuana usage amongst 12 – 17 year olds. […]

M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship

by Senator Betty Unger

Toronto Sun – Postmedia Network After the first M-103 hearing on Monday, I wrote that we were perhaps facing a less adversarial process than expected. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid was conciliatory as the initial witness, emphasizing that her motion to tackle discrimination was equally about all religions and races. She hardly mentioned the ill-defined phrase […]

REALITY CHECK: Will legalizing marijuana make the black market go away?

by Senator Betty Unger

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that legalizing marijuana will shut down the black market and remove the criminal element. There’s only one problem — the police disagree, the experts disagree and the experience disagrees. RCMP: Legalizing marijuana won’t shut down black market “There are a number of issues that will need to be addressed to […]

Legalized Marijuana: Challenges facing the state of Colorado

by Senator Betty Unger

The following 19-minute documentary takes a look at some of the challenges facing the state of Colorado subsequent to the legalization of marijuana. I encourage you to find time to watch it, as we would do well to consider the experience of those who have traveled down this road already. From the video: “The crime […]

Bill C-51: Religious Freedom at Risk in Canada?

by Senator Betty Unger

Dear Friends: I wanted share with you my concern over a Bill that the Government of Canada has recently introduced into the House of Commons, Bill C-51. One of the purposes of this Bill is to streamline the Criminal Code of Canada by removing certain provisions that no longer have any relevance in contemporary society. […]

Illegal Pronouns: Letter to the Editor of the National Post

by Senator Betty Unger

Re: Bill C-16: Human rights have become a zero- sum game, Bruce Pardy, June 19 Bruce Pardy does an excellent job of outlining the very real concern that Bill C-16 will compel speech. We can now only hope the courts will acknowledge that gender rights are belief-based and treat them accordingly. Gender is not like […]

Government doublespeak on closure of Vegreville Case Processing Centre continues

by Senator Betty Unger

Vegreville Case Processing Centre Hon. Betty Unger:  Honourable senators, my question is for Senator Harder.  It’s a follow up on the Vegreville questions.  It’s difficult to find anyone outside of Liberal government who agrees with the decision to clinical trials the Vegreville case processing centre.  In fact, the list of communities, councillors, associations and parliamentarians […]

Senator Unger Calls on Senator Harder to Defend Vegreville

by Country 106.5 Vegreville

Country 106.5 FM in Vegreville Vegreville’s fight to keep the doors of the C.P.C. open was brought forward on a new stage late last week The on-going fight to keep the Case Processing Center in Vegreville open was in the forefront in Ottawa late last week. During Question Period in the Senate on both Wednesday […]

NEWS RELEASE: Liberal Government’s Representative in the Senate agrees to ask government to revisit decision to close Vegreville Case Processing Centre

by Senator Betty Unger

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 8, 2017 Liberal Government’s Representative in the Senate agrees to ask government to revisit decision to close Vegreville Case Processing Centre OTTAWA – In Question Period in the Senate today, the Liberal Government’s Representative in the Senate, Senator Harder, agreed to ask the government to revisit its decision to […]

Quebecers break ranks with Canada, and oppose legal weed: poll

by Senator Betty Unger

Montreal Gazette The federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana has split the country, with most Quebecers opposed to the idea, a new survey suggests. The CROP survey, conducted for Radio-Canada May 11-23, suggests that 54 per cent of the 2,536 respondents across Canada are in favour of legalizing marijuana. But in Quebec, 54 per cent […]

Vegreville Immigration Case Processing Centre

by Senator Betty Unger

Vegreville Case Processing Centre Hon. Betty Unger: My question is for the Government Representative in the Senate. Senator Harder, when Prime Minister Trudeau visited Edmonton on May 20, he was met by a group of protesters concerned about the closures of the Vegreville immigration centre. Vegreville is a culturally diverse and vibrant community. The most […]

Editorial: Cannabis legislation fails to protect Canada’s youth

by Dr. Diane Kelsall, MD MEd

Reprinted with permission from the Canadian Medical Association Journal With tabling of Bill C-45, the federal government has moved one step closer to fulfilling its election promise to legalize the use of cannabis in Canada, despite concerns over the many health risks associated with its use. The purported purpose of the act is to protect […]

Committee rejects reasonable amendment to proposed transgender law

by Senator Betty Unger

Today I proposed an amendment to Bill C-16. It was a moderate amendment, designed to address some of the concerns around transgender rights, yet without compromising those rights. The basis of the amendment was simple: Bill C-16 must not disconnect gender expression from gender identity because to do so means that people who don’t even believe they […]

High school marijuana users have lower grades

by Jason Unrau

Blacklock’s Reporter (“Examine Pot & Grades”) | May 12, 2017 High school marijuana users have lower grades, says a University of Waterloo study. The research is the first of its kind since the Department of Public Safety noted it had no data on the impact of legal cannabis on school performance. “Regardless of students’ aspirational […]

One in six children hospitalized for lung inflammation positive for marijuana exposure

by Senator Betty Unger

Originally published on April 30, 2016 at A new study to be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting found that one in six infants and toddlers admitted to a Colorado hospital with coughing, wheezing and other symptoms of bronchiolitis tested positive for marijuana exposure. The study, “Marijuana Exposure in Children Hospitalized for […]

Doctors call for public health campaign to dispel mistruths about pot

by Marco Vigliotti

CMA president Dr. Granger Avery said Canadians must be informed that smoking marijuana is not a ‘benign activity.’ The Hill Times | May 8, 2017 Before legalizing marijuana, the Trudeau government needs to launch an aggressive public education campaign to combat popular mistruths and make significant investments to improve the admittedly sparse slate of existing […]